Marketing Communication Specialist for US Furnishings Express Corp,

Master in Digital Media or Marketing. Salary: $55,952/year. Rsm to H.R.

5125 Schaefer Ave, #104, Chino, CA 91710

Job Duties:

Conduct research on digital marketing conditions such as channel of promotion, potential

digital media users (both business and individual), consumer preferences, competitor’s

pricing structures, sales, and methods of marketing and distribution, and other related

factors, utilizing academically accepted market research methodology and format

specifically designed for the purpose; Develop comprehensive and integrated marketing

campaigns in support of overall marketing strategy, focusing on building brand

awareness and customer preference and generating quality leads and ultimately

increasing sales; analyze digital media advertising and marketing alternatives with an eye

towards efficiency, productivity and cost reduction to best allocate our company’s

advertising budget; Analyze our company’s media and communication strategies and

campaigns, and recommend tactical changes to maximize performance; Design new

media marketing performance and result measurement such as keyword list, inbound lead

flow, and pipeline generation bases on knowledge of digital media; Responsible for the

entire process from content development to execution and measurement for both digital

and traditional promotions to include advertising, social media, email, web, events and